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-- client is innocent. ticos' state prosecutor joshed started the trial by tugging on jurors heart strings. he reminded the jury of the testimony of the woman who pled guilty to her role in the crime, and how that testimony was cooperated by evidence in the case and other testimony. mara and wagner planned robbery, chose him as he walked from penn station and ultimately killed him. the defense attorney told the jury it was being "railroaded" by the state, saying the state's case was entirely built on lies. he spent more than two hours
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contradicting all of the evidence in the case, saying that actually pointed to kevin crosby, one of wagner's roommates who used stephen's credit card for gas and to buy drugs. as far as wagner, he never took the stand and the defense never called any witnesses. >> wagner is charged with five different charges in this case. pre-meditated murder, first- degree felony murder, and also facing three additional robbery counts. so far only one question from the jury, a request to review a surveillance tape that was taken near the murder scene that the state says shows them running from the murder scene. at this and award the jury continues to deliberate. much more details tonight at 6:00. -- at this time the jury
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continues to deliberate. take a 27 years behind bars. -- >> 27 years behind bars. that is the conviction for a man who hit and killed two people in a drunk driving accident. his blood alcohol level was still over the legal limit hours after the crash. >> prosecutors revealed that giodonero had a travel insurance policy on robin gardener who he traveled with earlier in the month. take a new details in the disappearance of robin gardner. authorities say her traveling partner reportedly took out a travel insurance policy on her as he did himself. he admitted that to the authorities that there is a possibility he added on, making
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the premium high you're on the accidental death portion of the policy. the investigation continues in earnest, because the authorities need more evidence than they have right now. he is locked up in a prison. prosecutors have another two weeks to collect evidence before they have to go before a judge once again. i have talked about an expanded search that would involve multiple agencies. the reason for that is the need to come up with the body to be able to go forward. there is very little evidence in a few witnesses about-- and very few witnesses. >> a prince george's county sheriff is facing assault charges in which she allegedly pointed a gun to a head in an
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argument. douglas has been suspended without pay and an internal investigation has been opened. >> my summer day across the region. cool and comfortable morning. warning of a little bit this afternoon. the humidity levels slowly started to creep up. that will be the trend over the next 24 hours, which will eventually lead to showers in our area. right now temperatures are fairly normal for august. 85 toward white marsh. mid to upper 80s on most of the eastern shore. the higher mountains comfortable 70's out that way. hd doppler showing a fairly sweep. an partly cloudy night. pretty nice. more wet weather in the forecast. details coming up in just couple of minutes. >> an accident in the
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randallstown area since two people to the hospital. crews were called just before 7:30 this morning. we're told a vehicle crashed into a private ambulance. ambulance crash into the home. the cause of the accident still under investigation tonight. >> if someone comes to your house unannounced and says there from bge, be careful. there are several instances where they pose as employees and rob the home owner of jewelry and cash. >> i heard a knock on the door. i came here and open the door. >> last wednesday afternoon the man knocked on the door of a quiet neighborhood. the resident open the door. >> he said i am from bge, and he had had a great output. yet his clipboard and everything. -- he said i had a grey hat on.
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the man disappeared and a woman found dead of a pleasant surprise upstairs. >> when i went into my bedroom, i was in shock. all of the nt boxes from the jury all over the floor. -- empty boxes from the jewelry all over. >> they stole money and valuable jewelry. police say she is one of several big guns of the same scam. between august 8 and 10 they say the same thing happened at two homes. they believe a second man sneaks into the house while the front man is distracting the homeowner. take of the suspects are and to white males. they said they are aware of the problem and remind customers that employees always wear and identification badge, and it
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always double checked the legitimacy. >> it is very rare that we would come to the customer's house unannounced. if that happens, a customer can call us to verify the individual is with us. >> as for the woman who was thebed much of the jury had sentimental value and can never be replaced. elry had sentimental value. >> with 14 million americans still looking for jobs, and with his job approval rating near rock bottom, president obama says he will make a major speech in the out his new plan. is a bone to get rid -- his opponent says get this speech
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in may with incumbent a speech required. -- skip the speech and mail it in, no speech required. >> there are some things we could do be doing right now to put our neighbors, friends, and family back to work. take up the president will lay out a plan to build new schools, bridges, and roads. >> all those folks that get laid off from construction because the housing bubble burst, they are dying for work. >> the obama jobs plan will include extending the payroll tax cuts he pushed through in 2009, more infrastructure construction projects, and help for the long-term unemployed and propose a new deficit reduction plan. four trillion and cuts, not this 1.5 trillion. deficit cuts would help pay for
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jobs programs. sounds good to democrats and this lady. >> the only way we will create jobs is to spend money. take of it wrong to call the plant too little, too late. ney called the plan too little, too late. true or false, that is the big issue in this campaign. the president in his speech just after labor day hopes to establish himself as the one with the best jobs plan. >> who wants to be president? you can keep up with the latest presidential hopefuls in dropouts in pictures at
5:10 pm >> a court fight is developing over those graphic-or government-ordered pictures on cigarettes. >> residents have been waiting patiently for a giant. today is the big day. they have quite a first day. a ravens are right i season-ticket holder, we have important information for you. details are next.
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>> if you grew up in the area or have lived here for a long time, remember the phrase "everyone goes to ginos. " it is the first one to hit the area since 1991. the first was founded by gino marketty back in 1959. for some customers this is really a walk down memory lane. >> this is bringing back
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childhood. when we were kids my mom used to take us on the bus downtown. our big treat was going there to get a giant downtown. >> this is the first location of what will be 10 local franchises in the area. >> i've never had one. i will have to try one. genes continue to play a bigger role in cancer research. researchers at fred hopkins university's center analyze the blood of cancer patients and found the five genes that were linked to an aggressive form of prostate cancer. they have paten that panel of jeans and hope to develop a test that can be used along with traditional screening for the disease. researchers from rush university have found an antibody that might be able to spot ovarian
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cancer early. ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest forms because of the lack of symptoms and the lack of reliable test to find it earlier. in a new study experts found a molecule present in the blood of infertile women that was also present in the blood of women with ovarian cancer. you know those new graphic pictures of on cigarette labels? it turns out cigarette companies do not like those pictures very much. five big companies are now suing the federal government over them. >> the new graphic warning labels were unveiled in june by health and human services secretary kathleen sibelius. >> with these warnings every person who picks up a pack of cigarettes will know exactly wrote risk they're taking. >> four of the largest tobacco companies in the world are suing, saying the federal mandate to start using the
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labels the year from now is illegal. a statement from one of them says the regulations violate core constitutional principles of free speech and complaints about controversial photographs that have been technologically manipulated to maximize an emotional response from viewers. advocates say the warning labels are aimed at adult smokers, as well as the 4000 teenagers who take up smoking each day. ." >> the vast majority of smokers start while they are teenagers. most start smoking before they turn 19. >> lawyer representing one of the company saying the fact that the government can better half cannot withstand constitutional
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scrutiny. supporters say the u.s. is merely catching up with dozens of other countries around the world who have been using the graphic labels for several years now. >> this may not surprise you, more and more senior citizens are undergoing plastic surgery. pressed lists, baseless, liposuction and other surgeries are increasingly common among senior citizens. -- breast lifts, face lifts, and liposuction are increasingly common among senior citizens. is 80 the new 60? is it safe? doctors say cosmetic surgery is safe for help the seniors. you will need of medical clearance from your doctor and healing may take a little longer when you're older. patients should always be honest with doctors about their age. there are risk of complications.
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>> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmire. >> slightly cooler air, at least for summer standards. not to be by any stretch, but some areas did manage to drop into the upper 50s. -- not chilly by any stretch, but some areas did manage to drop into the upper 50s. lancaster in the upper 50s. a lot warmer downtown baltimore, 73 degrees. the concrete and roadways in nearby harbor helps to keep the temperature up in downtown baltimore to appear to the cooler outlying suburbs. how about mchenry near deep creek lake? 49 degrees this morning. almost all in parts of garrett county this morning. green ridge 55 degrees. temperatures mostly in the 60's on the eastern shore. 62 on the boardwalk at ocean
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city. temperatures have warned almost 290 in most locations. 89 degrees right now in downtown baltimore. wynns have turned to the south and more humid air is coming in. -- winds have turned to the south, and more humid air is coming in. most of these will dissipate, and we will be left with a partly cloudy sky. the light of a southerly breeze will make it feel more humid. sunset's ride at 8:00 tonight. the area of high pressure that gave us the nice weather system is moving off the atlantic coast. right now not too active. the hot, humid air is called up on the gulf coast. -- bottled up on the gulf coast. thursday and friday we do -- we will be dealing with that system. showers and storms are expected to develop in our area tomorrow afternoon.
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there is actually another area of low pressure off the coast. with that system moving up out of the atlantic from the front will have a hard time clearing the mid-atlantic region. friday we will get bogged down and produces a few more showers and storms. saturday it's sweeps up the coast. we should start the weekend off with a good deal of sunshine. then we will get back into cloud coverage along with the threat of showers or thunderstorms. it will be more muggy, too. wynns on the bay about 5 to 10 knots tomorrow. waves around afoot. in western maryland, two days of scattered showers and thunderstorms on thursday and friday. same scenario here in central maryland up to the eastern shore. mid to upper 80s and scattered thunderstorms thursday and friday. lower eastern shore, maybe not too bad tomorrow. only 20% chance of a storm. showers and storms will sweep across the lower eastern shore
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on friday. hurricane center watching a strong tropical wave making progress to the west. it looks like it will track a little further south, probably staying well to the south of canton. it would probably not get a chance to develop too much, although it there is a 40% chance that that will become at least a tropical depression or storm. the next name harvey. this is way to our south. sunshine for saturday. a warm 88. all went up to 89 on sunday. sunday evening going into monday another chance for scattered thunderstorms followed by a breezy and slightly cooler weather for tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> a florida high school students is accused of planning a catastrophic school bombing. >> how police were able to uncover the plan before anyone was hurt.
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>> police arrested a boy who was allegedly planning to blow up a high school in the first day of school. we have details. >> we were probably able to thwart a potentially catastrophic event. >> he was a teenager with bomb- making materials in the horrible plan. >> they found a manifesto written by jared that outlined minute by minute what his actions were going to be on the first day of school. they said that he intended to explode a bomb at tampa high school on the first day of classes next week. >> materials they found included fuel sources, shrapnel, plastic tubing. they arrested him tuesday night after an unnamed person alerted police. >> it will take entire village to stop these kinds of
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situations from happening. >> he was no stranger to authorities. yet been expelled from freedom high and arrested before. >> once i found out and fell -- found the information, that is when the reality of this is the real situation. >> on tuesday police say they found a marijuana-growing operation in his room. along with schematic drawings inside the high school. a school but police say could have been the scene of disaster if someone had not shared their suspicion. >> that is frightening. >> coming up, we will take a look at the day's top stories, including the search for a sexual assault suspect. >> find out why a crime lab is
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being recognized internationally. >> of the baltimore ravens are trying to get the word out to fans that tickets look different this year in could really be confusing at times. we will break it all down for you straight ahead.
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>> live, local, late breaking, you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> still preseason for the
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ravens, but the regular season will soon begin. for some fans the lockout is causing a lot of confusion over the tickets. the first home season game is set for friday night's. >> the tickets this year to look quite different. >> because of the lockout they had to make a decision about how tickets will look this year without know which games would be played. the result, a new look that can be confusing. >> the baltimore ravens ticketing office space a serious dilemma. take of the thing is is we did not know when the lockout was going to end. there were six or seven different scenarios that would have made a hard to determine when the games were going to be played. >> to come up with a flexible solution, season tickets were printed with players on the front.
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the tickets are numbered 1-10 for all of the home games. >> we have 10 home games, which include the two preseason games. game 1 is considered the first preseason games against the chiefs. game two, here, against [inaudi] . when the season begins and we host the steelers, that will be game 3. match the ticket number with the correct home game, the same deal applies for your season-ticket parking pass. to help clear up the situation for fans, the team has said emails. you can find information with example pictures on line as well. if there is a mix of on a day- to-day, -- >> we already have a windows setup for people that bring the wrong tickets or whatever.
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we will take each case on a case by case basis. we will try to be more lenient than we normally would be in terms of people bringing the wrong tickets. while we did create the issue, there is some responsibility on the van side of thing to make sure they're bringing the right ticket. the good the bottom line is the ravens are just happy to have a full season. >> just to make sure you crack the right ticket, and might be a good idea to lay them out before your game day party begins. >> hope you got all that. i am confused. >> in just two days ravens fans will fill the stadium for the home game. in the meantime the team continues practicing. did you get the ticket thing? >> game 1, friday against kansas city. i got it.
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at training camp we of course know where the stars stand. there are always surprises. i did not think it would come at quarterback -- cornerback. right now starting, terry williams, a second year free agent at washburn college. he is proving that pedigree is nothing in the nfl. >> i definitely have that confidence. i never for a second hesitated on whether or not i will be on special teams, because i knew i could play special teams will. i wanted to be more of an impact on defense this year. i went in off season and worked at it. that hard work is paying off. >> you have been one of the buzz word guys. i just ask john hardball about you. his eyes glowed. he said not only does he play
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hard, he plays with great technique. when you hear that from your coach, what does that mean? >> it feels good, especially coming from a man who was a special teams coach and always puts a heavy emphasis on special teams. that is something i just wanted to build on. it feels good that these guys feel confident in my ability. we will continue to build the practice of the practice. >> friday you get the kids to play a home for the first time this season against kansas city. well you are running with the one, you have not locked up. friday is hugely important for you. >> there is nothing set in stone. anything could happen at any given moment. it just depends on how well i play this friday and things like that. really nothing set in stone and far as you will be the one. there is no certain one out
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there. we're just doing this for competition purposes and to try to keep the competition up, which is good. >> a couple of weeks ago they received a special treat with ice cream trucks rolled in and the players love that. young up later, we'll tell about a tree that the players love even more coming out today. >> get ravens update on facebook. like the team to get the latest behind pictures and coverage. you can react with -- interact with the entire broadcast team. >> here is a look of the other top stories at this hour. the former wide receiver is free on $50,000 bail after police had used a taser to subdue him during a traffic arrest this week. police say he gave officers trouble when they try to take him into custody on monday. court papers indicate his car
5:35 pm
hit a fire department sign without stopping. he is charged with assisting arrest and traffic offenses. the search is on for the man accused of sexually assaulting a juvenile. detectives released this debt. police say a man believed to be about 25 years old is accused of sexual assault is today afternoon in a wooded area behind the 7800 block of tall pines court. if you have the information, you should call police. an accident and randallstown sends people to the hospital. crews were called to weidman's road and marry its ridges before 7:30 this morning -- marysride road. the cause of the accident still under investigation. >> the maryland state police forensics lab receives international accreditation.
5:36 pm
the executive director of the laboratory accreditation board was there to present a certificate to the maryland superintendent police executive. >> today we exhumed that confidence that will reassure the citizens of this met what meets the highest accreditation standards available. they can be assured that our policies, protocols, integrity are all evidence and intact that this organization. take of this is the first full- service non-federal grants is lab in maryland to ever receive this accreditation. congratulations. >> an extremely dangerous situation is played out in new york this morning. a truck crashes through a building and is left dangling over parked cars. >> howard county school
5:37 pm
superintendent talks academic progress and his upcoming retirement. the story new at 6:00.
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>> covering the nation tonight, a man behind bars for allegedly plotting his ex-girlfriend is murder. back in june police arrested his ex-girlfriend and an 18-year-old man for allegedly plotting his death on girlfriend. the girlfriend says she was spending about her relationship. right now police are not sure if the murder for hire plot had anything to do with whi te's recent death. a man is lucky to be alive after his truck went through a building and was left dangling above the ground. firefighters were able to rescue the man and is now being treated. officials told the driver told him he might lose control of the vehicle. -- officials told the driver
5:41 pm
that he apparently lost control of the vehicle. >> you would pick a simple code to pension during an emergency, one that is easy to remember that would also call 911. it would also trigger a higher quality surveillance video. so far no banks have installed the emergency code yet. what a great idea. swimming with your clothes on it sounds silly, but learning how your it could chang yousave child's life. >> smart idea. and still ahead, he worked in corporate america for more than 20 years. when in new jersey man lost his job, he decided to help other people find work. we will tell you how we is doing that in tonight's consumer alert. take a tragedy at the indiana
5:42 pm
state fair. new ways to warn people about fast-moving storms. to g a few >> a few showers and thunderstorms are back in the forecast. details coming up. 89
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>> good afternoon, everyone. jury deliberations are under way in the job -- john wagner trial. he did not testify. the superintendent talks about the upcoming school year. and survivors of the tsunami in the earthquake in japan take part in a clinic with cal ripken jr.. these stories and much more when these stories and much more when you join now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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>> a deadly stage collapse over the weekend at the indiana state fair is bringing attention to new warnings. their working at a system that would use social media not listing to broadcast. >> it has been a year of extreme weather from scorching wild fires and heat waves, to deadly tornadoes in the most recent tragedy at the indiana state fair when a wind gust calls the concert stage to collapsed, killing five people. national weather experts call it a new reality that requires a new plan to better predict when the weather will hit. the national weather service launched a pilot program aimed at making the nation whether ready. analysts will continue to work closely with nasa scientists on new satellites to track major
5:46 pm
threats like last winter's christmas blizzard. >> we saw that storm well in advance. that gave us time to diagnose what part of the communities would be threatened and how to alert americans to prepare for the threat. to go across the country elite teams will be based in cities to severe weather. investigators in indiana are looking into the stage collapsed to see if more could have been done. state officials said they receive up-to-the-minute reports from the national weather service. >> they were in constant contact. they're right about the arrival of the storm. . >> now your 11 insta weather
5:47 pm
plus forecast with tom tasselmire. >> in the right position to catch a rambo. look into the ring and you can usually see what of these rainbows. it looks like a pot of gold is right here in baltimore. let's get out there and look for it. we can show you the shower producing the rainbow is popping up -- has popped up in the past few minutes. you could see it sitting there stretching out across parts of the inner harbor. right now it is just a summer shower that has popped up during the heat of the afternoon. these will be around until sunset. most of them will pretty fall apart. that is the only significant shower in our area at this time.
5:48 pm
none of this officially hitting the rain gauge yet. that could be updated in the next few months. we started the morning at 65 degrees. that is normal for this time of year. kind of a cold start to the day. then we he did it up. -- heated it up. chester town at 86 degrees. cool and comfortable in the maryland mountains. tonight not as cool as last night. isolated showers through about early evening hours. sun will go down at 8:00, shortly after that we will not see anything on the radar screen at all. high pressure moving away now. it will be center just off the atlantic coast. that lets the front edge of the chicago store make its approach. -- storm make its approach. the front will get into a log jam and not be able to clear the
5:49 pm
coast until sometime friday night. a slower-moving cool front triggers a round of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. with the front still in the area, another round of storms is likely. right now it looks like it will clear out in time for the first half of the upcoming weekend. southerly winds. a chance for an afternoon banners from. running at a 30% chance of storms tomorrow. south wins on the bay with weights about a foot. water temperatures near 80. if you're heading to the mountains, you will see storms there. it looks like it will clear out friday into saturday. around the bay what the front approach that takes up a 40% chance of a storm. the front will be slowly making its way towards the close on friday. tomorrow should be a decent day. sun and clouds mixed. the seven-day, a mid-'80s for a couple of days with a 40% chance
5:50 pm
of a thunderstorm. sunshine on saturday. that will get temperatures back into the upper 80s. almost 90 on sunday. 20 percent chance is mainly sunday into monday. then up front moves off the mid- atlantic coast, bringing breezy and clearing skies and slightly less humid weather for tuesday and wednesday. >> in tonight's consumer alert, a new study finds america's children have been hit hard by the recent economic downturn. a new poll measures the 50 states on 10 indicators in areas such as they become a party, and education. overall improvements in child well-being stalled in the first part of the current decade. according to the report, nearly 15 million or 20 percent of children live in poverty. 31% lived in families where no
5:51 pm
parent has a full-time year- round employment. a groundbreaking of a new community garden. members of the community and bank officials work together to make this happen. the project was funded by the neighborhood grant program. it provides -- provides financial assistance for special projects to engage resident in did prove city neighborhoods. >> one thing that i think is important as helping neighborhoods realize the vision that they have for their community, and this is it. this is a community-driven project. awarded grants range from 2500 to $10,000. a man in new jersey is 0 -- is using his own experience with unemployment to help others find jobs and doing it for free. doug clark has more. >> ethan chasen worked in the corporate arena for 25 years. he is now a career coach and
5:52 pm
small-business consultant. once a month he gets back, hosting a free job hunting seminar for people looking for work. >> i was downsized from the management team at time warner cable. in 2008 i would wake up in cold sweats. i said i am tired of helping companies make more money. >> i went to linkedin and greeted a profile. -- created a profile. >> he said to us, job boards are dogs boards, there is nothing out there. they are posting to build data bases and have reservations for when the market as a turnaround. ultimately what you need to do now is zero in on companies you want to work for. he calls his class's job search boot camp. >> the greatest of all of those
5:53 pm
people who leave by service is they spent all day in front of the computer. they are reactionary come introverted and rather communicate with the computer. that does not work. get out there in the people in the industry's you are interested in targeting. >> bryan wagner says he is optimistic about his chances for landing his next job and is grateful to ethan for donating his time to help him. >> nice story. please do not wear are close any more. that is what abercrombie and the choosing to the cast of "jersey shore." they're offering to pay like the situation or cast members to stop wearing the brand on the air, that saying being seen and their clothing would damage their image. by the way, the stock finished 8% of the work today after that announcement. -- 8% lower today.
5:54 pm
education reporter sits down with the superintendent sidney cousin. first, students in joplin go back to school just months after a tornado destroyed another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> back to school today for students in joplin, missouri. it comes three months after one of the worst tornadoes on record ripped through the town and killed more than 150 people. >> is a testament to the resilience of the people of
5:57 pm
joplin, missouri. >> i wanted to know we will stay and rebuild. 87 days after a tornado tore the city apart, classes are set to begin on schedule later today. >> i am very happy because i never had a chance to say goodbye. to help the kids get ready, the town has had cree supply fears and $1 million donation from the united arab emirates that will provide high school students with laptops. more than 1000 boy scout spent a weekend in early august helping. they braved triple digit temperatures as the cleaned up around a high school that took a direct hit. >> when i saw the school, i was like, is that the school? that cannot be the school. >> security cameras captured the moment the tornado hit the school on may 22, ripping apart
5:58 pm
everything in its path. the school so severely damage that night hundred -- 911th and 12th graders will take their seats today in temporary classrooms. >> others will find a home at the school that would have been vacant this year. >> this is such a healing process. a healing process that will take years in a community so severely scarred by one of the worst tornadoes on record. >> a remarkable story of recovery in joplin, missouri. that is all fourth of 5:00. here is what is coming and it was 6:00. >> jury deliberations continue at this hour. i will have a live report. take a baltimore county police are warning residents of two robbers claiming to be bge employees. i will explain coming up. >> president obama on the road
5:59 pm
again talking about jobs. white republican presidential contenders say it is all caught. >> live, local, late breaking, this is deep -- wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> jury deliberations are under way this evening. >> prosecutors say john wagner robbed and stabbed him last july. we're live outside the courtroom. we have the latest developments. >> the jury has been deliberating for a lot more than two hours. this is after more than four hours of closing statements from both sides, the state saying that john wagner committed a cold-blooded murder. joshed nelson began closing arguments by tugging on the jury's heart strings, saying there is nothing worse for another 1,000 miles away to -- an

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